Finalist Photos

 Get Noticed Beach Volleyball

Congratulations to the August 2015 winners!


1st Loker-Yeomens  2nd Luyties-Forbes

18 GOLD 1st Loker-Yeomens 2nd Luyties-Forbes


1st Murphy-Molina 2nd McKinney-Graff

16u GOLD 1st Murphy-Molina 2nd McKinney-Graff

3rd Bassi-Frohoff and Michelletti-Lipscomb

16U Tired for 3rd gold division Bassi-Frohoff Michelletti-Lipscomb


1st Loker-Satchell 2nd Bennett-Stowell 3rd Lacroix-Starck

12u 1st Loker-Satchell2nd Bennett-Stowell 3rd Lacroix-Starck

Congratulations to the May 2015 winners!

18U Gold Division


1st:  Chloe Luyties (Hawaii) & Presley Forbes (Hawaii)


2nd:  Camille Stepanoff & Abby Waldburger (Cal)


3rd:   Ashley Robert & Lainy Thomas / Rachael Noble (SU) & Kylin Loker

16U Gold Division


1st:  Lindsey Sparks & Cami Sanchez

2nd:  Jacqueline Ribeiro & Maja Kaiser


3rd:  Hanna Phair & Jamie McQuire / Pippa Monk & Chloe Newton

Congratulations to the February 2015 winners!

Pictures from 2AM photo available here, look under beach volleyball

Pictures from California Native Photography are on Facebook (account required) here

18U Gold Division


1st: Chloe Luyties & Madilyn Yeomans (right)

2nd: Presley Forbes & Alyssa Slagerman (left)

3rd: Stefanof / Manley (UofA) & Clark (LSU) / Waldberger

18U Silver Division


1st: Grace Rickard & Gillian Wedge (right)

2nd: Candice Denni & Eleanor Anderson (left)

3rd: Chelsea Mohl & Hanna Reid

16U Gold Division


1st: Cami Sanchez & Ashley Stevens (left)

2nd: Alexis Fillipone & Maddie Brigandi (right)

3rd: Baily & Reinking / Douglas & Kortekaas

16U Silver

1st: Jayelin Lombardo & Macy Gordon

2nd: Mitzi Novicic & Michelle Shaffer

3rd: Jesica Koopman & Madison Relaz

14U Division


12U Division

1st Place

1st Place 2nd Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

3rd Place

Get Noticed Beach Volleyball

Congratulations to the November 2014 gold winners!

2015/2016 graduating year winners Heidi Dyer and Jaelyn Greene


2017/2018 graduating year winners Alyssa Slagerman and Presley Forbes


2 AM Photography has provided a full set of professional photos. There are some amazing shots in here that only a professional could provide. A big thank you from everyone at GNBV goes out to 2 AM for their effort and time!

Please view their photos here: