Welcome to the GNBV Player Highlight Program

GNBV Player Profiles provide the key details that every player needs to make the connection between players and college coaches with NCAA, NAIA, and all other schools.

We publish player information on gnbv.net and our social media at @bvnevents and @getnoticed_beach_vb. Your profile includes up to 3 videos which you provide, and we post on our YouTube channel at “Get Noticed Beach Volleyball”. Coaches need highlight videos and full game footage too. 

All profiles are visible to coaches in two clicks on our website and are regularly marketed to college coaches via email.

When you commit, you’ll be posted on our social media for all to see. No matter where you live, what language you speak, home schooled or live in a rural area, you can “Get Noticed” to play beach volleyball in college with our GNBV Player Profile! 

The GNBV profile is $99 for one year, or $200 to post until your graduation. This does not renew automatically, so it’s entirely up to you to renew if you select one year. Existing videos can be updated or additionally videos can be added, at any time for $25.

Before you sign up…
Make sure you have your headshot (not a cropped photo) & action photos, highlight & game videos available in google drive or dropbox to ensure high quality video content. If you are using google drive make sure to set the link to public or we can’t download.