Welcome to the GNBV Virtual College Recruiting Showcase

We’re not waiting for events to resume to help players Get Noticed. We are bringing broadcast style virtual showcases to players worldwide. Here’s how a virtual showcase works. Players are interviewed and provide us with background videos in addition to your highlight video. GNBV will bring together several player interviews for each virtual showcase episode.

The first step is to get into the Player Highlight Program. This is where your highlight video is posted to our YouTube channel. Click here to get started with your highlight video.

Next, register for the Virtual Showcase. Once your interview is complete, your bio will be posted into the new player profile section of the GNBV website. The profiles and virtual showcases will then be provided as an indispensable resource for college coaches to get to know players and find out more about you.

Each player receives an interview in the format below.

Have you been interviewed yet? The GNBV Virtual Showcase is the best place to show you’re not just a great athlete, but a college ready athlete too!

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registration 8/24/2020 Episode 8 Everyone
registration 8/31/2020 Episode 9 Everyone
registration 9/14/2020 Episode 10 Everyone
registration 9/28/2020 Episode 11 Everyone
registration 10/5/2020 Episode 12 Everyone
registration 10/18/2020 Episode 13 Everyone
registration 11/2/2020 Episode 14 Everyone

Each virtual showcase will bring together no more than ten players to be featured together in episodes just like this. Each player will also given a player profile on GNBV.net.

Every episode will be broadcast on YouTube and provided to college coaches so they can get to know you.