Welcome to the GNBV Player Highlight Program.

We’re operating this program to help publicize all players and all their efforts. Our goal is simple. We are publicizing your highlight videos on a dedicated YouTube channel to support college coaches. This is FREE.

Those who wish can also sign up separately for our virtual showcases where your interview is combined with all your existing video content, including this highlight video. 

Please note…we will work as fast as we can to support this free service. Since this is free we can’t make changes for you. We can only post your completed video

Before you you send in video

Make sure your video has the following displayed during the video:

  • Your name and grad year
  • Your coach, recruiter, or if you are in your junior year and already in school, your contact details
  • An eye catching play within the first 5 seconds of the video
  • No more than 15 minutes of video
  • No copyrighted music

We will do our best to let you know when each video is posted, and you can always subscribe to our channel to see it post live. Visit GNBV.net/YouTube.

How to send in your video

So you have a video, and it has all the right details. Many people already have tons of video from the past months and big summer events last year, already prepped with the exact steps above, and that is perfect! 

Don’t forget….a YouTube sharing link won’t work. We are not authorized to download YouTube video from other people’s accounts. We need the actual video files you posted.

High quality video definitely won’t fit in an email, so here’s what to do. Use any common online drive or file sharing service to upload your videos and then share them with us via a link. Do not email the actual video file. Here are some of the common services, but any service will work:

Submitting your video

You’re ready to send in your video, but you need to give us permission to use it.