📅 The 2024 GNBV schedule is up!

We plan as far ahead as we can because we know everyone has travel arrangements, school and family schedules, and of course parents have work schedules too.

There are three dates in 2024, and you don’t want to miss this. Before every event we receive calls at the last minute asking about any open space in divisions that are already closed. Don’t wait to sign up! GNBV showcases are national events which draw players from across the United States, Canada, and beyond.


Check in for these events starts at 7 am, and can be done via automated email. A morning meeting happens at 7:45 am, and balls are in the air at 8 am.


We’re in Santa Monica, just north of the pier where the old Route 66 ends. The address is 1200 PCH, Santa Monica, CA 90401. Some maps also list the location as 1200 CA-1, Santa Monica. You can use this Google Maps or Apple Maps link to find your way.

Event details:

These events are designed to give college coaches the time to see all the players. Pool play and playoffs are designed to give college coaches the time to see players, plus everyone goes to playoffs. All scoring is done using Volleyballlife to make sure college coaches know how a game is going so they can plan their activities without missing games they want to see. Everyone, including players and parents, not just coaches and reffing teams can see the score online.

The Saturday before each event we also offer a Kauai Bikini warm up tournament and BVNE hosts two college coaches clinics. You can find out more about these events on VolleyballLife.

Please click on the dates above to read more about each event. We’ll see you there!