GNBV Showcases are the single most important step to getting noticed

So what is a GNBV Virtual showcase and why is it the best step you can take to be recruited?

College Coaches

This is part of the everyday tasks of supporting the college coaching community. We publish everything.

Full length, non-edited, HD video from every game is indexed and published in a variety of ways, providing easy access to coaches. You can email them links from our event results directly. A Virtual Showcase event in VolleyballLife is also fully linked with videos so coaches can sit down to research a player effectively. They can also watch the entire tournament by division should they wish. Combined with all the player information we supply them, GNBV provides the most value to coaches of any event.

It’s very important for players to let coaches know they are playing at least one week in advance.  This allows you, the player, to directly own the connection between you and the coach instead of paying someone else to do it for you.  

And finally, we listen to what college coaches from across the nation need when they recruit using GNBV’s public/published data. Currently, we have spoken directly with, so far, 79 coaches will be tuning in to our YouTube channel at “Get Noticed Beach Volleyball”.

Video for our Virtual Showcases

At Get Noticed Beach Volleyball, it’s more than just putting up video cameras or live streaming to social media.

Our team takes video of all games in pool play and playoffs. We help prepare players to introduce themselves so they are ready to sound like a professional athlete before every game. This is their moment to tell coaches their name so they can be remembered instead of just a number or name on a sheet of paper.

When players confidently introduce themselves, college coaches know who’s playing when they watch the games. They don’t have to guess who made that play. It’s important that athletes are known and remembered by name, making sure coaches truly know who each player is. Allowing a coach to see a player introduce themselves makes watching games much more effective as a recruiting tool.

What Players Get from GNBV Virtual Showcase

We publish all video on our YouTube Channel so any athlete can be found by their last name.

We link all video in so college coaches can follow along by game, pool, playoff bracket, and search by player name in the video/live stream tab. They can search by last name and watch whichever division they are interested in. They don’t have to login to do that either. It’s all public.

We make sure our video is easy to find for coaches, making it easy for them to follow along and track what they have already watched with built in YouTube features.

All athletes will receive links to all their video for FREE download.  You can make your own highlight videos and reuse your video for anything you need.

Our GNBV YouTube Channel is permanent. Your video stays live for you to reference. You can use it to send links to coaches, etc, as part our ongoing effort to support players and coaches.

All these extra steps, before and mostly after the tournament, are included in the ticket price. There are no additional fees for all of the work attending to all the details needed to manage all of this. Would you help us by subscribing to our YouTube channel? This will help us grow and help more players get noticed!

GNBV is NOT a recruiting service, we host college coaches clinics, virtual and in person college recruiting showcases!