Refund Policy

Get Noticed Beach Volleyball tournament and clinic refund policy

You are free to change partners and transfer tickets at any time, and can update this information by contacting us directly at

The following is a list of dates and locations you can transfer your GNBV Virtual Showcase ticket to.

February 20th or 21st Glendale, Arizona

March 13th Austin, Texas

April 15th-16th Rowlett, Texas

May 15th-16th OK

May 29th-30th Dallas, Texas

June 26th-27th Oregon

June 19th-20th Canada

July 28th-29th Pompano Beach, Florida

August 14th-15th Virginia

September 4th-5th Colorado

October 23rd Austin, Texas

November 6th-7th Glendale, Arizona

December 4th-5th Spring Hill, Tennessee

January 2nd, 2022 Pompano Beach, Florida