Get Noticed Beach Volleyball – General Tournament Format

Please visit the “registration” page of this website for all current schedule details. The schedule page also lists the location on Google Maps.

Play will be suspended if thunder is heard or there is a lightning strike within visual range of the tournament.

The tournament will not be cancelled due to rain.

Depending on the number of teams playoffs will be broken up based on your pool play finish.  Everyone goes to playoffs so you have another opportunity to play and get noticed.

The first place team will go to the gold division, second to silver, third to bronze, and fourth and fifth to the copper division.

  • 4 team pools play 2 games to 21
  • 3 team pools match play to 28, if game three to 15
  • 5 team pools play 1 game to 28

Win by 2 no cap
1 time out per team
NO technical time out

Questions? Contact Daron Forbes via text at 310-547-7486