On February 3rd and 4th, 2024, players from sixteen states and provinces, representing fifty-eight different volleyball clubs, all played in the GNBV National Showcase. Through the cold, and late Sunday the wind and rain, players and college coaches persevered to the end of finals together. At one point, the GNBV team was standing on our tents to keep them from flying away, all while top players from across North America were closing out their playoff brackets.

Players are the core of GNBV. They spend hours practicing, studying, and playing. With family support, they build their collegiate careers and spend many years preparing for and finally moving on to play in college. Here at GNBV we are so fortunate to provide a place where players can showcase their skills in front of coaches from around the country.

Every event we sell out. Every time we also remind everyone to register early. GNBV events are designed so that players and coaches can connect, and coaches won’t have time to see 50 or 60 courts of teams. GNBV events are right sized so that coaches can see everyone they want to see. With live scoring in Volleyballlife, they can see when everyone is playing, and how close the next game is. Combined with GNBV’s event design, our showcases are the best in the country.

This is why 22 college coaches attended the February showcase and spent their day out watching players, and why GNBV’s June and October 2024 events already have a sold line up of college coaches for our showcase and BNVE college coaches clinic that also always end up selling out.  It’s no secret that with 788 athletes who Got Noticed at our events people return year during high school and even after they are committed to play at our events.