Player Profile

Tara Ozdemir
Grad Year 2022

Location San Jose, CA, U.S.
Instagram: @taraozdemir_volleyball
Sand Recruits: 3727
Club: Kleos
Club Instagram: @kleosvc
Willing to relocate for school: YES

Below are some of my accomplishments that I have compiled from over the past few years:
•CBVA AA Rating
•2020 Club Challenge BVCA 2nd Place
•2019 AVP JO’s Gold Division Finish
•2019 P1440 18u JO’s 1st Place
•2019 BVCA Championships Gold Division Finish
•2018 AVP San Francisco Gold Event 1st place
•2018 BVCA Championships 1st place
•2018 AVP Nationals Gold Division Finish
•2018 AAU JO’s Gold Division Finish Most recently: P1440 18U Qualifier 1st Place, Bid Winner for AVP West Coast Championships, P1440 Junior Nationals, BVNE Showcase 5th place in Gold division and 3rd place in KB on 2/20.