Since our first event in 2014, we’ve grown and adapted along the way. 2020 was no different. Here we are in 2021, about to adapt again, with more news about the NCAA dead period.

GNBV was the first Virtual Showcase, created in July 2020. With much success coming out of Canada with over half the athletes committing and more with offers coming, resulting from just one event. The virtual showcase proved to be what was need durning NCAA’s dead period. 

The NCAA has extended the dead period for all sports once again.  As of February 2021, the new end date is now set to be May 31st and this means in person recruiting will have been banned for well over a year before this is over.

Recruiting hasn’t stopped. At GNBV we adapted to the new normal instead of waiting for the old normal to return. In 2020 we were the first to create Virtual College Recruiting Showcases and keep recruiting going. Check our @bvne.commits page to see how it has been going, and remember the only way to be featured is to let us know you committed. We’re not you’re recruiter and won’t know unless you tell us.

Play GNBV Virtual Showcases where we handle the video from event day, load it into the GNBV YouTube Channel, load it to the event results, and provide players copies of their video, all included in the ticket price. When we list your video on our public YouTube channel at “Get Noticed Beach Volleyball” it’s for all to see. College coaches, friends and family can now view your video whenever they would like.

The GNBV YouTube Channel is the edge to getting noticed. College coaches are using our unedited event video to see if a player coachable, to see how you handle pressure situations, are you a supportive partner, are you in good physical shape and ready for the college game.  These are just a few of the things college coaches are looking at which are in full length GNBV video.

The dead period will end May 31st. Come play at our very first IN Person College Recruiting Showcase June 5th and 6th.

GNBV is not a recruiter or scout. We host clinics and college recruiting showcases in person and virtual. All athletes are welcome to bring a coach or recruiter with them to our showcase or clinics.

Local events are happening across North America. Find an event near you.